Sound Sets


105 Dreamy Downtempo (Sound Sets)

105 Dreamy Downtempo is a construction kit that contains lush pads, sweet downtempo beat components and deep bassline...

4.99 USD


130 Ska (Sound Sets, Reggae, 130 BPM)

130 Ska is a virtual old school Ska-Rock Steady band that romps with 30 jumping loops of bass, drums, guitar, acetone...

4.99 USD


140 Epic Drumz (Sound Sets, Electronica, 140 BPM)

Epic Drumz is the massive 43 loop soundset of bionic beats and variations. This collection is perfect for any Dub-Bro...

4.99 USD


140 INC (Sound Sets, 140 BPM)

INC. is an uplifting soundset perfect for presentations or advertising soundtracks. Pianos, strings, guitars, basses ...

4.99 USD


75 Reggae (Sound Sets, Reggae, 75 BPM)

75 Reggae is a I-tal sound set for dealing roots style tracks, mon! Basses, drums, skank guitars, bubble organ,funky ...

4.99 USD


Above The Clouds (Sound Sets, Electronica, 120 BPM)

Float away and loose yourself into this grade A piece of Electronica.

4.99 USD


Acoustic Bass (Sound Sets, Hip Hop/Urban, 100 BPM)

Acoustic Bass is a 24 loop Sound Set is a cool n funky acoustic bass lines. This 24 loop Sound Set is a cool n fun...

4.99 USD


Acoustic Guitars Volume 1 (Sound Sets, Rock)

Acoustic Guitars Vol 1 is a 20 loop collection of different beatiful sounding acoustic guitars in a wide variety of g...

4.99 USD


Acoustic Guitars Volume 2 (Sound Sets, Rock)

Acoustic Guitars Vol 2 gives you 25 additional great sounding acoustic guitars and dobro loops, still in a variety of...

4.99 USD


Afrobeat (Sound Sets, World, 120 BPM)

Afrobeat is a deep,earthy and funky virtual band groove. This soundset contains 24 loops of Nigerian style music bas...

4.99 USD


Altered Ambience (Sound Sets, Electronica, Atmosphere/Environments, 140 BPM)

Ambient sounds from another world has entered our domain to haunt your tracks. Sinister backdrops and menacing rumble...

4.99 USD


Ambient Breaks (Sound Sets, Hip Hop/Urban, 80 BPM)

Ambient Breaks is the 32 loop multipurpose soundset. Ambient Breaks where ambient synth pads and dark basses meet urb...

4.99 USD


Ambient Dub (Sound Sets, Electronica, 85 BPM)

Ambient Dub is a cool and spacey ride into the ethnosphere of groove! The Ambient Dub soundset is a 26 loop merge ...

4.99 USD


Arch (Sound Sets, Hip Hop/Urban, 65 BPM)

Arch is the 31 loop soundset of "anthemic" elements of RnB, Trap and Hip Hop. Basses, beats, beat stems, synths and F...

4.99 USD


Arena Rock (Sound Sets, Rock, 130 BPM)

Arena Rock is the power packed 28 loop soundset of classic Rock. These jamming basses, drums, vocal will bring your t...

4.99 USD


Artechouse (Sound Sets, Electronica, 130 BPM)

Feel the groove in this funky house sound set complete with drums, percussion, deep basslines and synthesizer stabs, ...

4.99 USD


Atomspherica (Sound Sets, Electronica, 65 BPM)

Atmospherica is the downtempo, dub-ambient soundset that works well with productions in 130bpm for a half-time feel. ...

4.99 USD


Back To The 80s Rap & Electro Vocals (Sound Sets, DJ Effects)

A collection of Rap and Vocoder phrases based on the stylings of 1980´s. Great for any electro or hip hop production ...

4.99 USD


Balkan Trap (Sound Sets, Hip Hop/Urban, 125 BPM)

Sitars, Darbukas, Flutes and Brass jam along with a snappy south style beat.

4.99 USD


Bar Band Blues (Sound Sets, Blues, 110 BPM)

Bar Band Blues is a 22 loop Sound Set of a rough and tough rock trio blues. This 22 loop Sound Set is a 12 bar bl...

4.99 USD