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Acoustic Guitars Volume 1

Acoustic Guitars Volume 1 (Sound Sets, Rock)

Acoustic Guitars Vol 1 is a 20 loop collection of different beatiful sounding acoustic guitars in a wide variety of g...

4.99 USD
Acoustic Guitars Volume 2

Acoustic Guitars Volume 2 (Sound Sets, Rock)

Acoustic Guitars Vol 2 gives you 25 additional great sounding acoustic guitars and dobro loops, still in a variety of...

4.99 USD
Arena Rock

Arena Rock (Sound Sets, Rock, 130 BPM)

Arena Rock is the power packed 28 loop soundset of classic Rock. These jamming basses, drums, vocal will bring your t...

4.99 USD
Drum Bash

Drum Bash (Sound Sets, Rock, 130 BPM)

Bombastic beats abound here with this 20 drum beat set. 5 different kits and 3 different drummers pound out some rock...

4.99 USD
Guitar Riff Raff

Guitar Riff Raff (Sample Packs, Rock)

Guitar Riff Raff contains 89 guitar leads, riffs, rhythms, feedback and whammy FXs files. All rocking with attitude! ...

12.95 USD
Punk Rock Trio

Punk Rock Trio (Sound Sets, Rock, 100 BPM)

Get ready for a wall of Punk in your face! Loaded with electric guitars, bass and drums this pack offers 12 unique r...

4.99 USD

Rockin (Sound Sets, Rock, 130 BPM)

Rockin is a hot trio rocking out like it´s 1972! Real drums, basses and guitar riffs, rhythms and leads this 70s st...

4.99 USD
Rock Trio

Rock Trio (Sound Sets, Rock, 100 BPM)

Rock Trio is a straight up guitar, bass and drums 20 loop Sound Set that rocks! Rock Trio includes 5 bass lines, 6...

4.99 USD
Speed Rock

Speed Rock (Sound Sets, Rock, 170 BPM)

Speed Rock is a 28 loop Sound Set is burning kit with guitars, bass and drums. Speed Rock is a Pendulum style Soun...

4.99 USD