SPC Packs


Asian Bells & Cymbals (SPC Packs, World)

Unique collection of Chinese and Indian cymbals and bells. Bending tones that instantly create an exotic and spiritua...

3.99 USD


Banging Brostep (SPC Packs)

Fuel your next Dubstep anthem with these hard hitting, unforgiving boombastic drums for the SPC. These drums also wor...

3.99 USD


Berlin Kit (SPC Packs, Electronica)

Warehouse boom galore! These sounds are great for that dirty techno vibe. Did someone say basketball kick? Yep you go...

3.99 USD


Bongos and Congas (SPC Packs)

The Bongos and Congas SPC pack contains 8 bongo hits in bank 1 and 8 conga hits in bank 2. The demo starts with the i...

3.99 USD


Classical Percussion (SPC Packs, Classical)

Classical Percussion pack for the SPC includes 2 banks of eight sounds each. A massive bass drum, a power Gong, 2 tem...

3.99 USD


Crashes & Ride Cymbals (SPC Packs)

SPC Pack with 8 crashes and 8 ride cymbals. *All SPC Packs once purchased can be found directly in the SPC under "...

3.99 USD


Deep Africa (SPC Packs, Electronica)

Hello Africa! Tell me how you're doing. This pack mixes clean EDM drum sounds from the deeper genres with real africa...

3.99 USD


EDM Hihats (SPC Packs)

16 dirty electro/house/techno hihats for the Soundation SPC. Perfect in combination with the EDM Kicks 'n Snares pack...

3.99 USD


EDM Kicks 'n Snares (SPC Packs)

This pack for the Soundation SPC contains 8 bass fueled kicks and 8 hard hitting snares — perfect for all sorts of el...

3.99 USD


Electronic Glitches (SPC Packs)

SPC pack containing 16 glitchy percussion sounds for wacky tracks. *All SPC Packs once purchased can be found dire...

3.99 USD


Funky Old Kit (SPC Packs, Funk)

This "Funky Old Kit" was used by James Brown´s drummer Jabo Starks when we recorded the sample cd the "Funk Master". ...

3.99 USD


Future Tech House (SPC Packs, Electronica)

Clean and interesting sounds that lends themselves well to any form of EDM music. *All SPC Packs once purchased ca...

3.99 USD


India Mash Kit (SPC Packs, World)

This SPC-pack is a great mashup of classic Indian percussion sounds layered with clean drum samples. India Mash Kit c...

3.99 USD


Jazz Kit (SPC Packs, Jazz)

Vintage Blue Note style Jazz kit with roomy sounding kick,snare and toms. Dark pinging ride, crash and hi hat cymbals...

3.99 USD


Kix N Snares in Key (SPC Packs)

Tuned kicks for tight sounding productions! Contains 4 additional snares. If having a killer kick is important to ...

3.99 USD


Live-ish (SPC Packs, Hip Hop/Urban)

Live-ish is 16 drum sample pack inspired by soulful Hip Hop by the likes of artists D'Angelo and producers like J Dil...

3.99 USD


Modern Hip Hop (SPC Packs)

Ready to bang your next hit to the charts? These modern hip hop drums for the SPC won't disappoint. Kicks, snares, cl...

3.99 USD


Reggae Kit (SPC Packs, Reggae)

The Reggae Kit is a 16 sample SPC pack with classic Reggae drum sounds and percussion. Includes Flextone, Cowbells, B...

3.99 USD