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Afrobeat (Sound Sets, World, 120 BPM)

Afrobeat is a deep,earthy and funky virtual band groove. This soundset contains 24 loops of Nigerian style music bas...

4.99 USD

Asian Bells & Cymbals (SPC Packs, World)

Unique collection of Chinese and Indian cymbals and bells. Bending tones that instantly create an exotic and spiritua...

3.99 USD

Calypso (Sound Sets, World, 100 BPM)

Calypso is the happy, soulful sounds of the carribean with real live musicians doing it right! This Calypso soundset ...

4.99 USD

Desert Drums (Sound Sets, World, 100 BPM)

Desert Drums is an assortment of middle eastern/north african percussion and rhythms. Beat Exotica. This 30 loop S...

4.99 USD

Drum India (Sound Sets, World, 120 BPM)

Drum India Direct from Mumbai, 27 banging Bhanghra beats on traditional Indian hand drums. Hot and spicy. The Bhan...

4.99 USD

Hot Salsa (Sound Sets, World, 115 BPM)

Hot Salsa is a virtual band playing a cool and festive latin groove. SoundSensous! Hot Salsa is a 22 loop, virtual...

4.99 USD

India Mash Kit (SPC Packs, World)

This SPC-pack is a great mashup of classic Indian percussion sounds layered with clean drum samples. India Mash Kit c...

3.99 USD

Percussion (Sound Sets, World, 130 BPM)

Percussion brings some hot live played rhythms to your tracks. That Island thing. The Percussion Sound Set consist...

4.99 USD

Roots India (Sound Sets, World, 80 BPM)

Roots India is a 39 loop sound set of traditional Indian melodic and percussive intruments. Roots India contains loop...

4.99 USD