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130 Ska

130 Ska (Sound Sets, Reggae, 130 BPM)

130 Ska is a virtual old school Ska-Rock Steady band that romps with 30 jumping loops of bass, drums, guitar, acetone...

4.99 USD
75 Reggae

75 Reggae (Sound Sets, Reggae, 75 BPM)

75 Reggae is a I-tal sound set for dealing roots style tracks, mon! Basses, drums, skank guitars, bubble organ,funky ...

4.99 USD
Dub Roots Reggae

Dub Roots Reggae (Sound Sets, Reggae, 120 BPM)

The Dub Roots Reggae soundset contains 40 audio files of old schools reggae with skanking guitars, crackly clavinets,...

4.99 USD
Reggae Kit

Reggae Kit (SPC Packs, Reggae)

The Reggae Kit is a 16 sample SPC pack with classic Reggae drum sounds and percussion. Includes Flextone, Cowbells, B...

3.99 USD
Roots Reggae

Roots Reggae (Sound Sets, Reggae, 80 BPM)

Roots Reggae is a 30 loop virtual band with skanking guitars, booming bass, one drop drums, rootsy percussion and a v...

4.99 USD