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Gennie — The intelligent sample generator

Meet your new favorite AI sampling companion — Gennie! Generate high-quality audio samples by typing your wish as a text prompt. With Gennie, any musical idea from your imagination can become a reality.


Gennie generates 12-second-long musical samples based on your text prompts. Generate drum loops, basslines, melodies, chords, and more, across a wide range of genres and styles. Include your genre, tempo, instrumentation, and mood preference in the prompt for a more tailored result. Be as specific as you wish and let Gennie do its magic.

  • Polyrhythmic drums, African savannah, tribal dance.
  • Experimental 90s trip-hop, electric piano, vinyl crackle, tape delay.
  • 80s sci-fi synth track. Tempo: 80 bpm. Key: A minor. Genre: synth soundtrack. Mood: mysterious.
  • Heavy metal riff. Tempo: 80 bpm. Key: G minor. Genre: heavy metal. Mood: tough attitude. Instruments: drums, electric guitars, bass.

Excellent quality

Gennie uses state-of-the-art AI technology to provide the highest quality audio possible. Every sample sounds like a snippet from a professional never-heard-before song, without the signs of digital artifacts or randomness you normally associate with AI music.

  • Chopped-up vocals. Chicago house groove.
  • Enchanting forest flute echoes.
  • Lo-fi neo soul, guitar, drums, bass, foley percussion.
  • Powerful cinematic pop drums. 80 bpm.

Seamless integration

Gennie integrates perfectly with Soundation’s online studio without any installation or setup. Incorporate generative audio into your workflow without disrupting your creativity. Say goodbye to clunky interfaces and hello to a smoother, more efficient AI production process.

Transformative tools

Use the samples generated by Gennie in your music production as sampling material. Trim the sample to create a perfect audio loop or use Soundation’s built-in audio editing tools to customize it by cutting, rearranging, reversing, stretching, and pitching. Create a virtual instrument by adding the sample to the Simple Sampler or the Beatmaker.

The future of sampling

With Gennie, there are limitless sampling opportunities. There is no need to dig through crates or sample libraries to find the perfect sample when you can simply create it. Gennie redefines what's possible in music production. Join the revolution today!

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