Genre DJ Effects


Back To The 80s Rap & Electro Vocals (Sound Sets, DJ Effects)

A collection of Rap and Vocoder phrases based on the stylings of 1980´s. Great for any electro or hip hop production ...

4.99 USD


Creepy Synth FX (Sound Sets, DJ Effects)

If you like to skip and whistle or sing show tunes in the shower, DO NOT get this Soundset. This horrific set contain...

4.99 USD


DJ FX Vol. 1 (Sound Sets, DJ Effects)

DJ FX Volume 1 contains 40 one shot and looped files that are excellent to use in a variety of genres and situations ...

4.99 USD


Experiments (Sound Sets, DJ Effects, Human)

Wait a minute that gives me an idea there is a better way of doing it! 33 vocal phrases of the more "medical & experi...

4.99 USD


FX in Time (SFX Packs, DJ Effects, 120 BPM)

FX in Time includes 52 looped sound effects at 120 bpm. A totally unique collection of sounds created with tools and ...

12.95 USD


GangstaFX (Sound Sets, DJ Effects)

Rough n Tough set of cops and robbers sound effects. Gangsta FX is a sound set of guns, blasts, sirens, punches, ...

4.99 USD


Horror (Sound Sets, DJ Effects, Human)

A collection of 30 movie quotes from old horror movies! Great vocal samples for those darker tracks that may need a t...

4.99 USD


Noise, Dubs & Radiophonix (SFX Packs, DJ Effects)

Noise Dubs & Radiophonix is a massive 80 sound file pack containing dubified impacts, old time radio vocals, ambient ...

12.95 USD


Old Time Vocal Phrases (Sound Sets, DJ Effects)

40 vocal phrases from way, way back in the day. In the public domain this collection has been selected from radio and...

4.99 USD


Puns & Insults (Sound Sets, DJ Effects, Human)

A collection of 33 voice samples with puns and insults from old and forgotten movies! Great for intros, drops or othe...

4.99 USD


Scared & Crazy (Sound Sets, DJ Effects, Human)

Now scream your lungs out! Scared & Crazy is a collection of voice samples from old movies and includes scared scream...

4.99 USD


SciFi FX Drops (Sound Sets, DJ Effects)

SciFi FX Drops contains 41 vintage sound files of LoFi SciFi FXs and vocal sound bites that are great for dropping in...

4.99 USD


Tech Trailer FX 1 (Sound Sets, DJ Effects, Sci-Fi/Fantasy/FX)

Tech Trailer FX 1 is an awesome collection of swooshes, sucks, swishes and pads combined with wubs and the latest EDM...

4.99 USD


Tech Trailer FX 2 (Sound Sets, DJ Effects, Sci-Fi/Fantasy/FX)

Tech Trailer FX 2 compliments Tech Trailer FX 1 with more combination epic hits, stabs, dub-blasts and power swooshes...

4.99 USD


Toy n Voice (Sound Sets, DJ Effects)

Add some twisted sounds of to your next track with Toy n Voice. This soundset contains 27, whacked up sounds of tortu...

4.99 USD


Trailer Producer FX (Sound Sets, DJ Effects)

Trailer Producer is a great source for cinematic sound effects. Trailer Producer contains 31 creepy synth drones and ...

4.99 USD


Trailer Producer FX 2 (Sound Sets, DJ Effects)

Trailer Producer Vol. 2 is another great source for cinematic sound effects. Trailer Producer contains 36 pads, whoo...

4.99 USD


Transfuzzion FX (Sound Sets, DJ Effects, 90 BPM)

Transfuzzion FX is a unique collection of fuzzy effects, weird beats and electronic impulses. Transfuzzion FX is a 33...

4.99 USD


Vocal Tech (Sound Sets, DJ Effects)

Vocal Tech is a bizarre set of effects and created vocal sounds. The Vocal Tech Soundset contains 26 vocal FX sounds ...

4.99 USD


Warped Movie Music (Sound Sets, DJ Effects)

Warped Movie Music contains 44 ancient, royalty free music riffs and themes that are great for intros, segueways and ...

4.99 USD