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Horror voicesamples

Horror (Sound Sets, DJ Effects, Human)

A collection of 30 movie quotes from old horror movies! Great vocal samples for those darker tracks that may need a t...

4.99 USD
Scared crazy voicesamples

Scared & Crazy (Sound Sets, DJ Effects, Human)

Now scream your lungs out! Scared & Crazy is a collection of voice samples from old movies and includes scared scream...

4.99 USD
Club synths midi

Club Leads (MIDI Packs, Electronica)

15 melodies perfect for the club! Load these to an instrument channel and sculpt the sound to your liking. Change the...

4.99 USD
Main synth leads

Main Synth Leads (MIDI Packs, Electronica)

This pack is loaded with 18 fresh melodies for your next tracks. Load them up on a instrument channel, assign an inst...

4.99 USD
128 methods of edm vol3

Methods Of EDM Vol 3 (Sound Sets, Electronica, 128 BPM)

Flirting with the harder sounds of EDM this set packs a mean punch seasoned with some razzle dazzle!

4.99 USD
128 methods of edm vol2

Methods Of EDM Vol 2 (Sound Sets, Electronica, 128 BPM)

Heavy kick, snappy snares and lush synths transport the audience straight to the floor for a very effective breakdown...

4.99 USD
Back 2 80s rap

Back To The 80s Rap & Electro Vocals (Sound Sets, DJ Effects)

A collection of Rap and Vocoder phrases based on the stylings of 1980´s. Great for any electro or hip hop production ...

4.99 USD
Words phrases voicesamples

Words & Phrases (Sound Sets, DJ Effects, Human)

"The technique is perfect!" A collection of words and phrases from old dusty movies to use in your music and to manip...

4.99 USD
Puns insults voicesamples

Puns & Insults (Sound Sets, DJ Effects, Human)

A collection of 33 voice samples with puns and insults from old and forgotten movies! Great for intros, drops or othe...

4.99 USD
Old time vocal phrases

Old Time Vocal Phrases (Sound Sets, DJ Effects)

40 vocal phrases from way, way back in the day. In the public domain this collection has been selected from radio and...

4.99 USD