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125 chill house

Chill House (Sound Sets, Electronica, 125 BPM)

Chill House is a 22 part sound set that sets the mood with pulsating sub bass, brassy synth stabs and deep kicks!w

4.99 USD
Dj fx vol1

DJ FX Vol. 1 (Sound Sets, DJ Effects)

DJ FX Volume 1 contains 40 one shot and looped files that are excellent to use in a variety of genres and situations ...

4.99 USD
135 edt2

EDT Vol. 2 (Sound Sets, Electronica, 135 BPM)

EDT Vol.2 contains 24 Synth and Synth effects loops that fit nicely with a variety of music styles and it´s companion...

4.99 USD
135 edt1

EDT Vol.1 (Sound Sets, Electronica, 135 BPM)

EDT Vol.1 contains 27 bass, drums and percussive effects loops that fit nicely with a variety of music styles and it´...

4.99 USD
135 dubtrap

Dub Trap (Sound Sets, Electronica, 135 BPM)

Dub Trap is the killer soundset that lends itself to a variety of music styles with a mix of hard n techy FX, Trapesq...

4.99 USD
80 reggaetonfunkmash

Reggaeton Funk Mash (Sound Sets, Latin, 80 BPM)

Reggaeton Funk Mash contains 29 loops and audio clips that are great to use in a variety of genres that need some lat...

4.99 USD
Warped movie music

Warped Movie Music (Sound Sets, DJ Effects)

Warped Movie Music contains 44 ancient, royalty free music riffs and themes that are great for intros, segueways and ...

4.99 USD
90 urban butcher beats

Urban Butcher Beats (Sound Sets, Hip Hop/Urban, 90 BPM)

The Urban Butcher Beats Soundset contains 32 prime cut, all beef breaks. Oozing with funk n grit n groove these beats...

4.99 USD
128 methods of edm vol4

Methods Of EDM Vol 4 (Sound Sets, Electronica, 128 BPM)

Massive kick tuned to a dark evolving lead synth backed by heavy percussion and vocal fx. EDM goes wall of sound! The...

4.99 USD
Experiments voicesamples

Experiments (Sound Sets, DJ Effects, Human)

Wait a minute that gives me an idea there is a better way of doing it! 33 vocal phrases of the more "medical & experi...

4.99 USD