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Rock-N-Rave (Sound Sets, Electronica, 130 BPM)

Guitars and tech synths create a hot Raver rock sound. Rock N Rave is a unique 30 loop rocktronica sound set that ...

4.99 USD

Deep House (Sound Sets, Electronica, 125 BPM)

Upbeat, burn and groove Deep House sound set. Deep House is a 20 loop sound set of club tested synths, basses and ...

4.99 USD

House Funkay (Sound Sets, Electronica, 120 BPM)

A Funky House loop set with a big club anthem chorus! House Funkay is a 26 loop sound set with throbing basses, be...

4.99 USD

Club Hop (Sound Sets, Electronica, 125 BPM)

Club Hop breaks out with a hard turn to the Far East Gangsta tip! Club Hop is a 24 loop Sound set that includes ha...

4.99 USD

Hot Salsa (Sound Sets, World, 115 BPM)

Hot Salsa is a virtual band playing a cool and festive latin groove. SoundSensous! Hot Salsa is a 22 loop, virtual...

4.99 USD

Funk Bomb (Sound Sets, Funk, 100 BPM)

Funk Bomb is a 70's style, P-Funky virtual band booty on patrol! Funk Bomb is a 22 loop, retrojamtastic Sound set ...

4.99 USD

Bossa Nova (Sound Sets, 90 BPM)

Cool Bossa Nova lounge sounds with a virtual Brazilian bossa band! The Bossa Nova 90bpm sound set includes 21 smoo...

4.99 USD

Roots India (Sound Sets, World, 80 BPM)

Roots India is a 39 loop sound set of traditional Indian melodic and percussive intruments. Roots India contains loop...

4.99 USD

Electro Punk (Sound Sets, Electronica, 125 BPM)

ElectroPunk is a unique 24 loop sound set of french house style basses and synths ala Daf Punk with electro sounding ...

4.99 USD

Hard Dance (Sound Sets, Electronica, 140 BPM)

Hard Dance is a 21 loop Sound Set of dutch influenced hard style club anthem elements. Hard Dance is a power drive...

4.99 USD