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DownStep (Sound Sets, Electronica, 110 BPM)

DownStep is the downtempo, dubstep influenced de-construction kit of darkness Downstep is a 27 loop Sound set that...

4.99 USD

The Mouth (Sound Sets)

The Mouth contains a collection of 26 attention grabbing wails, screams and spoken words. The Mouth contains a col...

4.99 USD

Beat Treats (Sound Sets, Electronica, 85 BPM)

Beat Treats merges sound FX with industrial hits and wicked Beat Treats merges sound FX with industrial hits and wick...

4.99 USD

Game Beats (Sound Sets, Electronica, 130 BPM)

Game Beats contains glitchy breaks and 80s computer sound effects that create a "low tech retro vibe". The Game Be...

4.99 USD

Funky Jazz House (Sound Sets, Electronica, 125 BPM)

Funky Jazz House is the cool & groovin' late night, it's alright, construction kit of delite! Funky Jazz House is ...

4.99 USD

Tech Rock Madness (Sound Sets, Electronica, 120 BPM)

Tech Rock Madness is the industrial strength colLABoration of guitars, beats and attitude! Tech Rock Madnesss is a...

4.99 USD

Beat Treats (Sound Sets, Electronica, 120 BPM)

Beat Treats is a 28 loop Sound Set of burning breaks, sound Beat Treats is a 28 loop Sound Set of burning breaks, sou...

4.99 USD

Country Cookin (Sound Sets, Country, 120 BPM)

Country Cookin is a down home, hay stomping, barn burner! The Country Cookin sound set includes 26 loops of banjo,...

4.99 USD

GangstaFX (Sound Sets, DJ Effects)

Rough n Tough set of cops and robbers sound effects. Gangsta FX is a sound set of guns, blasts, sirens, punches, ...

4.99 USD

Nu Jazz Thing (Sound Sets, Electronica, 125 BPM)

Electro Jazz cocktail of retro funky keys and breakbeats! Nu Jazz Thing is a 23 loop SoundSet of 70`s style jazz f...

4.99 USD