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Ghetto Ambient (Sound Sets, Electronica, 110 BPM)

Ghetto Ambient mixes urban grooves with electronica ambiencies. Funky Breaks, hip basses and synth FX make this 29 lo...

4.99 USD

Ambient Breaks (Sound Sets, Hip Hop/Urban, 80 BPM)

Ambient Breaks is the 32 loop multipurpose soundset. Ambient Breaks where ambient synth pads and dark basses meet urb...

4.99 USD

RnB Piano (MIDI) (MIDI Packs, Hip Hop/Urban)

Smooth chords and sexy progressions ready to fuel the virtual instruments. Load up SAM-1 and add some silky reverb. S...

4.99 USD

Electro House Basslines (MIDI) (MIDI Packs, Electronica)

Load up MONO and feed these filthy little basslines to it! Drop a fakie on the channel along with a brutal kick and y...

4.99 USD

Dubstep Basslines (MIDI) (MIDI Packs, Electronica)

Earth shaking mind ****ing basslines for the Wub Machine. Drop these bad boys on a blue instrument channel and load u...

4.99 USD

I Love The 90s (Sound Sets, Electronica, 130 BPM)

This 28 loop sound set of vintage Euro Tech with dense synths, pop and acidic bass lines and some classic house beats...

4.99 USD

ElectroTech Orchestra (Sound Sets, Electronica, 120 BPM)

ElectroTech Orchestra combines real string loops played by a russian string quartet with electronic beats and cinemat...

4.99 USD

Blues Rock (Sound Sets, Blues, 110 BPM)

Blues Rock is a tough, 34 loop soundset that goes perfect with beer, babes and barbeque (did we just write that?)...A...

4.99 USD

Nashville (Sound Sets, Country, 105 BPM)

Nashville is a killer country rockin groove played by some top session pickers and pounders. This soundset contains 2...

4.99 USD

Swedish House Volume Two (Sound Sets, Electronica, 128 BPM)

Swedish House is back with a hard hitting Sound Set. Rock the main floor with these jackin' house beats and menacing...

4.99 USD