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Brazilian House

Brazilian House (Sound Sets, Electronica, 126 BPM)

Brazilian House is a 24 loop Sound Set of cool and jazzy dance loops. Club Ipanema! Brazilian House is the 24 loop...

4.99 USD

BroStep (Sound Sets, Electronica, 140 BPM)

You asked for the dirtiest Dubstep sounds we could create. We locked our poor sound designer in the basement with on...

4.99 USD

Brostepic (Sound Sets, Electronica, 140 BPM)

Brostepic is the 47 loop soundset of abrasive basses, stinging synths, decimated beats and irritating FX. The perfect...

4.99 USD
Chill House

Chill House (Sound Sets, Electronica, 125 BPM)

Chill House is a 22 part sound set that sets the mood with pulsating sub bass, brassy synth stabs and deep kicks!w

4.99 USD
Classic House Beats

Classic House Beats (Sound Sets, Electronica, 120 BPM)

Classic House Beats is a 26 loop collection of various vintage house drum beats. If need authentic House grooves with...

4.99 USD
Club Cinematic

Club Cinematic (Sound Sets, Electronica, 120 BPM)

Club Cinematic is a unique soundset of 32 soundfiles split into 3 short contruction kits that a perfect accompaniment...

4.99 USD
Club Hop

Club Hop (Sound Sets, Electronica, 125 BPM)

Club Hop breaks out with a hard turn to the Far East Gangsta tip! Club Hop is a 24 loop Sound set that includes ha...

4.99 USD
Club Leads

Club Leads (MIDI Packs, Electronica)

15 melodies perfect for the club! Load these to an instrument channel and sculpt the sound to your liking. Change the...

4.99 USD
Crunk House

Crunk House (Sound Sets, Electronica, 120 BPM)

Crunk House is a 20 loop Sound Set that combines a straight kick and snare with crunky sounds for "Hood in the House"...

4.99 USD
Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows (Sound Sets, Electronica, 100 BPM)

Dark Shadows contains 29 sonically sinister sound clips. Includes synth pads, synth effects, sonic manipulations and ...

4.99 USD