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State Of Trance (Sound Sets, Electronica, 130 BPM)

Epic pads followed by trance inducing melodies and a driving bass line characterize this Sound Set. Weave these sampl...

4.99 USD

State Of Trance Vol 2 (Sound Sets, Electronica, 128 BPM)

A driving bassline fuels this heavy trance hitter packed with luscious synths, crisp drums and tantalizing effects.

4.99 USD

State Of Trance Vol 3 (Sound Sets, Electronica, 140 BPM)

Fast pace, melodious synths and a huge sound! This Soundset will launch you straight into Mystery land guiding your ...

4.99 USD

Summer Dance Vol.1 (Sound Sets, Electronica, 128 BPM)

This Sound Set is perfect for those hot summer nights. Make your audience reach for the sky and go crazy when the ma...

4.99 USD

Summer Dance Vol.2 (Sound Sets, Electronica, 128 BPM)

An epic intro leading up to a massive drop will rock that island! Drop this and s*** will go down.

4.99 USD

Swedish House Volume One (Sound Sets, Electronica, 128 BPM)

Banging House Beats ala Swedish Viking Style. Sounds fit to rock the mainroom!

4.99 USD

Swedish House Volume Two (Sound Sets, Electronica, 128 BPM)

Swedish House is back with a hard hitting Sound Set. Rock the main floor with these jackin' house beats and menacing...

4.99 USD

Swe Electro (Sound Sets, Electronica, 130 BPM)

Swe Electro is the ear catchy, retro-modern soundset that easily yet impactfully blends into to many different style...

4.99 USD

Tech Rock Madness (Sound Sets, Electronica, 120 BPM)

Tech Rock Madness is the industrial strength colLABoration of guitars, beats and attitude! Tech Rock Madnesss is a...

4.99 USD

Tekno (Sound Sets, Electronica, 126 BPM)

Tekno is a strong and tough set of hard and swinging new style Techno loops. Tekno is a 22 loop Sound Set of hard ...

4.99 USD