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little hollow  Avatar
little hollow
over 4 years ago

Yeah but they didn't which was really weird. I thought they would have had him lose "the Child" to the bad guys. They tried with the cliff hanger but didn't really accomplish it lol

 QL-Sound Labs Avatar
QL-Sound Labs
over 4 years ago

@ Noah Millar ♪ yeah i thought so too, guess they were trying to create a little cliff hanger for the opening episode of the new season ...... still can't wait for it to begin again lol ..... i'm a real si-fi junkie

Noah Millar ♪  Avatar
Noah Millar ♪
over 4 years ago

I thought the last episode was underwhelming... considering it was getting all hyped up.

arbour Avatar
over 4 years ago

baby yoda, baby baby yoda