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Created July 12, 2018

Newbies Corner

Hej! Ciao! Hola! Hello! We see you’ve found the new Soundation’s Newbies Corner. :)

Tell everyone a little bit about yourself. Where you’re from, what’s your audio background, who are your musical heroes, what are your dream collabs.

Feel free to post a question here if you’re curious about anything – there are no stupid questions. And if you are a Soundation pro, please don’t hesitate to offer your experience and wisdom. We all had to start somewhere!


GO-3 Avatar
12 hours ago

Heyyy im GO-3, im a new artist trying to make some beats, i make Hip Hop beats and shit related to that. does anyone want to collab with me? in case ur interested, hmu :)

noriaki(nure) Avatar
3 days ago

Hi everyone I'm Noriaki, also going by Nure! :) I actually started out experimenting with music here on Soundation when I was 13, that was 10 years ago! I mostly use Logic Pro now, but it's nice to come back after so long. Soundation is better than I remembered :D

Xt140 Avatar
3 days ago

I'm new go check out my new UK drill song



Moon Avatar
4 days ago


wrangler1722 Avatar
6 days ago

k im over my tantrum time to make new things

wrangler1722 Avatar
10 days ago

Fuck soundation bro. Studio kept crashing and than all of a sudden all my progress on my song Raindance got wiped. It's all gone bro. I spent like 5 hours in the editor on that song or something bro. So fucking stupid im so pissed right now bro. Do y'all got any idea on how to restore progress or something. Please I don't want all of it to go to waste.

wrangler1722 Avatar
10 days ago

yo do y'all understand why whenever I try to edit the automation data of a beatmaker channel my studio crashes?

Mrmusicnub Avatar
12 days ago

Bro this song goes crazy check this out fr https://soundation.com/user/newlyyy/track/strawberry-milk its not mine but a newish user so go look

RozGodDa2nd Avatar
12 days ago

Get My Recent Track trending