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._-| Addict of Soundation |-_.

Created April 7, 2012

We are Music addicts
We are the Soundation Addicts

Follow your dreams and listen to yourself
You can upload your tracks on the group and as a community we will do ourbest to give feedback and tips that we’ve learned. Give some real feedback where you target a problem and give the user a solution.


5 days ago

Back with a new theme! This one took longer cause I made it using the FL Studio! Was trying out some new instruments and ideas. I hope you'll enjoy this one, there's more coming! ~Digital Aquanaut~ https://soundation.com/user/Silverhawk/track/digital-aquanaut

2 months ago

You all know I love those old-time beats and synths... 47 Bananas is out! https://soundation.com/user/E-Zence-Music/track/47-bananas