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Dirty Dubstep (Sound Sets, Electronica, 140 BPM)

Dirty Dubstep is the hard and nasty soundset containing 28 files designed to wub n dubify your productions. Includes ...

4.99 USD

TrapAzoid (Sound Sets, Hip Hop/Urban, 65 BPM)

TrapAzoid 65 bpm is a hot 30 loop soundset that contains synth lines, basses, beat stems, FX loops and percussion tha...

4.99 USD

EDM Trapz Vol.2 (Sound Sets, Hip Hop/Urban, 140 BPM)

Faster, harder and more EDM oriented than Vol.1 Huge 808, more tricky synth works begging for you to lay down some ...

4.99 USD

EDM Trapz Vol.1 (Sound Sets, Hip Hop/Urban, 75 BPM)

Tricked out EDM synths fused with a slow and club shattering 808 bomb ready to go off! Snares, claps and hihats flowi...

4.99 USD

Soulful House Vocals (Sound Sets, Electronica)

Soulful House Vocals contains 40 vocal phrases of Yeahs, Oohs, Ahhs, Baby Baby, La La Las for humanizing & funkifyi...

4.99 USD

Punk Rock Trio (Sound Sets, Rock, 100 BPM)

Get ready for a wall of Punk in your face! Loaded with electric guitars, bass and drums this pack offers 12 unique r...

4.99 USD

Slo Jam RnB (Sound Sets, Hip Hop/Urban, 110 BPM)

SloJam RnB contains lots of love, with 43 sound files of beats, synths, percussion and vocals of smooth and silky rom...

4.99 USD

Indietronica (Sound Sets, Electronica, 120 BPM)

Electric guitars with attitude fused with big synths and EDM beats.

4.99 USD

Dub Roots Reggae (Sound Sets, Reggae, 120 BPM)

The Dub Roots Reggae soundset contains 40 audio files of old schools reggae with skanking guitars, crackly clavinets,...

4.99 USD

Trippy Trap (Sound Sets, 125 BPM)

Trippy Trap is the 41 loop soundset of electro funky avant garde-ness, that is incredibly useful in a variety of styl...

4.99 USD