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20 chord progressions to get your Deep House adventure started! The demo was created with Simple, GM-2, SAM-1, Supersaw, and two DrumMachines along with 2 percussion loops from the Premium Library.

Deep House Chord Progressions

Category: MIDI Packs
Genres: Electronica

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DHCP 20 Cm.mid DHCP 19 Am.mid DHCP 18 Am.mid DHCP 17 Cm.mid DHCP 16 Bm.mid DHCP 15 Gm.mid DHCP 14 Dm.mid DHCP 13 Gm.mid DHCP 12 Em.mid DHCP 11 Em.mid DHCP 10 Em.mid DHCP 09 Gm.mid DHCP 08 Fm.mid DHCP 07 Em.mid DHCP 06 Am.mid DHCP 05 Fm.mid DHCP 04 Bm.mid DHCP 03 Gm.mid DHCP 02 Dm.mid DHCP 01 Dm.mid