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Funky Soul Beats MIDI

Funky Soul Beats MIDI Product Image

Funky Soul Beats MIDI includes two versions of the MIDI files. One for the GM-2 instrument and one made to work well with the SPC and Funk Latin kit.

This product is a MIDI Pack. The Demo for the product use the original drum loops from which the MIDI files were created to give show you the groove! Choose your own kits!

Category: MIDI Packs
Genres: Funk

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100 GoGo Beat.mid 100 SPC GoGo Beat.mid 105 Call Me.mid 105 SPC Call Me.mid 105 SPC Straight.mid 105 Straight.mid 110 Disco Funk.mid 110 SPC Disco Funk.mid 115 Disco Beat.mid 115 Disco Hustle.mid 115 SPC Disco Beat.mid 115 SPC Disco Hustle.mid 120 Defunkt.mid 120 Motown 1.mid 120 Motown 2.mid 120 Motown 3.mid 120 Motown 4.mid 120 Motown 5.mid 120 Motown 6.mid 120 SPC Defunkt.mid 120 SPC Motown 1.mid 120 SPC Motown 2.mid 120 SPC Motown 3.mid 120 SPC Motown 4.mid 120 SPC Motown 5.mid 120 SPC Motown 6.mid 120 SPC Upbeat 1.mid 120 SPC Upbeat 2.mid 120 SPC Upbeat 3.mid 120 Upbeat 1.mid 120 Upbeat 2.mid 120 Upbeat 3.mid 95 16th HH Funk 1.mid 95 16th HH Funk 2.mid 95 16th HH Funk 3.mid 95 Funky Break.mid 95 P-Funk Style.mid 95 SPC 16th HH Funk 1.mid 95 SPC 16th HH Funk 2.mid 95 SPC 16th HH Funk 3.mid 95 SPC Funky Break.mid 95 SPC P-Funk Style.mid