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Prod. Tranquillo Avatar
Prod. Tranquillo
over 2 years ago

Thanks for the advice keep commenting I will read them all and make a part 2 soon also if y'all listen to any of my other music please feel free to comment anything that needs to be fixed or that you like

Cynoco  Avatar
over 2 years ago

The rise in the beggining could have used some reverb not gonna lie.

Peachesꕥ (inactive) Avatar
Peachesꕥ (inactive)
over 2 years ago

Hey, at 1:50, the melody appears to be disjointed from the beat and they don't match up. Also - this is just my personal opinion - maybe the ending could be a little less abrupt? I personally find abrupt endings annoying, but if you like it then by all means keep it! You're making music for you (hopefully) not for me. If you do want to extend the ending though, I would just hold that last note a little longer, at least. Other than that, this track is pretty fire. When I first heard it I smiled, I really like it man, keep it up!

Prod. Tranquillo Avatar
Prod. Tranquillo
over 2 years ago

BTW ANYTHING that you like about the song or dislike pease comment and let me know so my next can be better