Created May 05, 2020

Trap Legends

This group is for those people that know the best genres are Trap/Hip Hop

This group is meant to get the undercover bois out on to the charts and the featured page join and support everyone that is in this group

Rules: No track spam, Chill on the self promotion and Don’t cry if your track isn’t getting votes or featured


9 months ago

New collab with Fmgrolex "Visions"
Go check it out and give some feedback in the comments:

Sammy C
12 months ago

Can we pweez check out my newest, (also best) track?

The Mop
12 months ago

damn this chat dead

about 1 year ago

I'm trying to build my soundcloud, I would appreciate if y'all would go listen! Thanks so much!

The Mop
over 1 year ago

Yo freedom u gotta show me how to make those 808s they fire