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Created March 31, 2012

The Beats of Tomorrow

This is a group where everyone gets a fair shot at having their music featured! If you have a good song and you want to get it out there let me know and I’ll see what I can do for you! Also the group “Music For Fun” is willing to help you with any questions you have and the admin is very helpful!


wrangler1722 Avatar
3 months ago

Wassup y'all. Im still an amateur creator so some thoughts on my newest track would help. https://soundation.com/user/wrangler1722/track/wildfire

@JMONEY25 Avatar
over 2 years ago

VIEW THE WHOLE ALBUM https://soundation.com/user/CLICK-HERE

CHRI5 ♪ Avatar
almost 3 years ago

My Christmas album is out now! I spent a lot of time on it I’d appreciate it if you could listen to it and give me some feedback 🙂 https://soundation.com/group/merry_chri5mas_album

false blonde Avatar
false blonde
about 6 years ago

Я как соленя, но не из Рик Санчез. Послушайте мой новый трек здесь. https://soundation.com/user/dobrozoloto/track/solenya-radio-versiya

The White Elephant Avatar
The White Elephant
about 6 years ago

Check out "We Are Not Alone" from the series Earth And Space!!! https://soundation.com/user/PhoenixProductions/track/earth-and-space-we-are-not-alone