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Cheapskates (free users unite!)

Created January 22, 2013

Lots of people think you need a premium account and a load of sample/spc packs to make good music on here, I for one think that is rubbish, I am a free users and think soundation is great without any of the paid stuff, all my music is made with nothing but what is available for no cost at all. So if you want to show off what you can do with a free account join now and post your stuff. But remember this is only for free users, I’m not going to make this invite only, but I find anyone who’s a paid user I’ll probably do nothing at all. Have fun and share your music! Regards Dusk


Fluuffy Shark (Happy holidays!!)
12 hours ago

Just joined, check out my track "Vibes"

3 days ago

Hello there!!! I have a new track out Enzyme This is my first time making a trap song, so plz tell me how I did. ^‿^

Lil'Reaper BeatFactory
22 days ago

That's all understandable if you guys want some good and positive criticism just pm me the track asking for some feedback

Elemental Music (Happy Holidays!)
24 days ago

Same lol

24 days ago

The rest of the people on here make me feel bad at music. :')