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. Avatar
about 6 years ago

I think if there was more variation to make it less repetitive like everyone has been saying you should do, it would take away from the bouncy sort of adventurous style. I think this kind of music would fit great how it is as background music for either some game, or perhaps a video.

AllButInfinity Avatar
over 6 years ago

Maybe to make it less repetive you could use some automations and stuff. But it sounds really nice. I kinda want to remix it, but I don`t know if I can make it a lot better than it already is...

SlightlyBaked[E-Zence] Avatar
over 6 years ago

@ChordsBoy Thank you :D, This was kind of a side project that was supposed to feel really mellow, but I can see that being a bit repetitive was a not-so-good move.

ChordsBoy Avatar
over 6 years ago

Beautiful :D My only suggestion, although it kinda fits in this song, is to make it a little less repetitive, but other than that, this sounds great!