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Created August 19, 2015


presents you the best tracks of the best djs of Soundation in all the geners

Our best House collection

Thergoy x Composed – Retrosonic (36mass remix)

Thergoy – Retrosonic (mondaze remix)

K I W X I – Cyberworld (Original Mix)

Our best Trap collection

Loueiplus – West Shii (Original Mix)

K I W X I – Slaugther (Original Mix)

LUMBERJAXX – Spread My Wings

Our best Dubstep collection

E-Zence – Spacebound (Original Mix)

SLOCM3Z – Bleeding Stars (Original Mix)

K I W X I – Eclipse (Original Mix)

Best DJ’s of ElectroMusicNation

. E-Zence
. Unique Stereotype
. Magicowls
. Electric Dreams
. Foresight

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