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Soundation Stars

Created March 7, 2016
Hey Soundation Stars! Our One Year Anniversary Is Coming Up! We Are Going To Have a Special Contest To Celebrate, But First I Want To Shout Out Our First Ten Members! Congrats To: J.A.C.O.B, ChordsBoy, Tea & Wine, WackyClock, UnicornMan, M-Possible, Tee, SilverHawk, GoldenBeats, and DJ ECHO! Thx For Staying With Us! Now On to The Contest. RULES

1. For Your Song to Count You HAVE TO PUT SSCA At The End Of The Song Title.
3. Have Fun!
For Judging, We will have Our First Ten Members Judge! If You Are A SSFTM (soundation stars first ten member) PM Me The Best Three Songs In your Opinion. If You Type This In the Group Chat You Will No longer Be Judging!!!! Good Luck All And Happy Anniversary!
1st- Collab With Me, Feature, And Art For Next Song
2nd-Collab With Me, and Feature
3rd- Feature


D-CYPHR | Relatable song Real Conversation OUT NOW
11 days ago

https://soundcloud.com/dcyphrofficial/real-conversation Relatable, deep track "Real Conversation" (Ft. Sean Divine) out now! This is a good improvement from my other music and my best track yet, hoping you all enjoy it. Please check it out, any feedback and support is highly appreciated

D-CYPHR | Relatable song Real Conversation OUT NOW
2 months ago

New Track "Puppet Riddim" out now please check it out

^Last track of 2017. 2018 will bring better music from me.

3 months ago

Hey there! I just finished my first EP and it'd be nice if you could check out my tracks. Thanks!