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Vincini Avatar
over 7 years ago

Thanks guys! I have just now started producing real tracks. I learned a lot from remaking this. Expect more.

AMT Avatar
over 7 years ago

Holy CRAP MAN YOU ARE THE BEST! The original version of this song means so much to me (It's a long story) and to hear a remade version on soundation without expecting so to happen made me wanna cry <3 sorry, I kind of spun out of control there, but seriously tho. :')

Onimaru Avatar
over 7 years ago

love this song dude and as embarrasing as it is to say it actually made me emotional xD anyway keep it up awsum work

AllButInfinity Avatar
over 7 years ago

love it!

jojolebatteur6875 Avatar
over 7 years ago

it, amazing is

Wabbit Avatar
over 7 years ago

Screw All Hater's, This Is Awesome =^)

Ooz!e454 (Using the studio limitedly) Avatar

man, even you have haters?? how?? (ye I kno how it is, and, of the biggest on "that list" :/ )

Great Weight Avatar
Great Weight
almost 8 years ago

Still can't remember the song's name, but great remake!!

[this project has concluded] Avatar
[this project has concluded]
almost 8 years ago

I love this song, and this remix!

Dead Dave Avatar
Dead Dave
almost 8 years ago

this sounds dope