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Created May 19, 2016

dj apprentices

you want to make her and that someone listens to your without laughing?
come on to the last group music seron you are!


MarcLarryKing Avatar
almost 6 years ago

hey bro ! The app Qriket is good, all you do is choose a color and spin and if it lands on your color you win cash but use the code 7F0768 to get free spins for life when you are signing up plus $50 you guys are welcome

jojolebatteur6875 Avatar
almost 6 years ago

from June 22 to 29 I'll make you a contest. it is very simple you see down your music, there is a "vote" button. Well the tracks launch this week that will have the most votes will win and I likerai him all these tracks.

almost 6 years ago

I do not understand anything in the description.