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Created January 23, 2014

Mixing Tips & Tricks

Welcome to a new Tips & Tricks group!

The subject for this group is MIXING with the purpose of me and you to share and discuss mixing tips and tricks of all sorts! And feel free to ask questions if you have them!

So hopefully we can get a discussion going so we can all make our tracks sound the best possible! Or just learn a thing or two.

Check out Andreas Tips N’ Tricks for more sound design/synthesizer tips.


Chordial Avatar
over 6 years ago

is there any way to make a tape stop effect?!?

Josh Riker Avatar
Josh Riker
almost 7 years ago

It's possible to make a song in Microsoft Paint!

mondaze. Avatar
almost 7 years ago

@Josh Riker I sometimes add a limiter to my master and then tool around with the gain and threshold

Goofy Gorilla Avatar
Goofy Gorilla
almost 7 years ago

Hey guys! I joined Soundation yesterday, and I'm already loving it. I wanted to join a great group, so I joined you guys! I hope I can contribute to this group! Have a great day! :)

Gavin Avatar
about 7 years ago

Hey check out my new track boss its pretty good listen to the whole thing or u think its not very good

Josh Riker Avatar
Josh Riker
about 7 years ago

Anyone got any tips regarding what effects to add to your master track (Mastering), and the purpose of them. Thnx

MJ79 Avatar
over 7 years ago

Is there any manual for the FM synth? It's like spaceship for me :) -ML

samimul hasan Avatar
samimul hasan
over 7 years ago

I am new user.please help me for song edit

PatSpook112 Avatar
almost 8 years ago

im new to this soundation and i cant even make a good song,anyone can help me with that and im using a free account...