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Created January 23, 2014

Mixing Tips & Tricks

Welcome to a new Tips & Tricks group!

The subject for this group is MIXING with the purpose of me and you to share and discuss mixing tips and tricks of all sorts! And feel free to ask questions if you have them!

So hopefully we can get a discussion going so we can all make our tracks sound the best possible! Or just learn a thing or two.

Check out Andreas Tips N’ Tricks for more sound design/synthesizer tips.


Liveonline24 Avatar
almost 6 years ago

Welcome To

takimatch24 Avatar
almost 6 years ago

NCAAF tv link >> http://bit.ly/2x3Bojt

fgfdsg Avatar
almost 6 years ago


ciel phantomhive Avatar
ciel phantomhive
about 6 years ago

okay so the when you add a clip wit ha pitch that doesn't match the rest of the track and it asks if it can stretch it and you don't like the sound can you edit it?

mlwiza Avatar
about 6 years ago

how do you sync vocals together with tracks?

mondaze. Avatar
over 6 years ago

VVV Truble Clef I don't know why you'd need that, usually if the bass is too loud, it distorts and clips (peaks) and should take up the waveform completely but wouldn't sound so quality. If you want a bass that can fill up the waveform and sound nice I'd probably layer a few things to get it consistent. Anyways don't know why you'd need this but it doesn't matter to me xD. (And by the way If you don't stop bolding your texts with html, people will probably know you're spaestaxx. Don't give yourself away ;)

AMT Avatar
over 6 years ago

To wrap up the Rewritten EP, a new Deadmau5sy Trance song: https://soundation.com/user/NiteLight217/track/trance-remember-2

mondaze. Avatar
over 6 years ago

Me and Chordial finished our new collab "Selcouth"! Chek it out HERE! Leave us a like and some feedback <33

mondaze. Avatar
over 6 years ago

VVV use the single channel button then export

over 6 years ago

Is it possible to export the individual channels for a track created in Soundation Studio? For example, to be used in Ableton, etc.? Thanks.