Created January 23, 2014

Mixing Tips & Tricks

Welcome to a new Tips & Tricks group!

The subject for this group is MIXING with the purpose of me and you to share and discuss mixing tips and tricks of all sorts! And feel free to ask questions if you have them!

So hopefully we can get a discussion going so we can all make our tracks sound the best possible! Or just learn a thing or two.

Check out Andreas Tips N’ Tricks for more sound design/synthesizer tips.


about 3 years ago


Here's an FM synth explained for those who want to get into it or don't know the science behind it:

almost 4 years ago

I personally use a sine sub underneath all my lead chords. I use a gritty FM or a distorted supersaw for normal bass, and I layer gm2 orchestral pad, VA, and detuned supersaw, for lead chords.

about 4 years ago

U can use sine waves to make cool 808 bass

about 4 years ago

I'd say trap, maybe generic house?

Which genre does a sine bass work the best in...? Compared to a wubmachine bass or an FM synth bass?

over 4 years ago

Does it sound like a mixed this correctly? It is meant to sound very bassy, but is compressed to not distort or ruin the sound.