Created March 02, 2018

Remix Challenge

“Mutants” by Unique Alias Remix Challenge Winner Announcement
Well, looks like Key Lime did it again! 🏆 “Mutants” Unique Alias (Key Lime Canid Remix) is a staggering 8-minute track that blends electronica with strong melodies and dance rhythms, beautiful and brutal in equal measure. It’s literally a sound firework for the ears. Congrats Keylime. Now enjoy yet another coveted spot on our Featured feed.
Thank you all participants for sending in your remixes and thank you Unique Alias for sharing your work with us for this competition.
For now, check out other challenges we have running in the Community. ⚡️
For a quick look behind the scenes how “Mutants” by Unique Alias track is made, check out “How It’s Made” article here.
Updated: 4 March 2020