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Complete the Track Challenge

Created March 2, 2018

Get experimental – a new Complete the Track challenge is live!

Our in-house producer I Awake has started a new experimental track for you to complete! Go ahead and rip apart, build up, tear down, switch the sounds, alter the beat, add your own stuff or whatever comes to mind.

We’ll pick one winner – based on quality, creativity and uniqueness. The price is 1 year of Soundation Premium, an interview feature, and a feedback session with I Awake.

The challenge is on until June 28th. Take your time and blow us away!

How to enter the challenge:

  • Intro/Power/Premium accounts: Download the track with extra remix sounds here.
  • Free accounts: Download the track without extra sounds here.
  • Complete the track and save it as a sng-file
  • Send the sng-file to ctt@soundation.com
  • Publish the track and post it in this group

  • Terms:

  • The track has to be made using Soundation

  • Each member can submit a maximum of two tracks

  • Soundation have the right to refuse any contribution

  • Use netiquette in the comments. Failure to do so will result in ban.
  • Comments

    Imagination Deprivation
    13 days ago

    we can live in peace when you leave, so please, leave this site forever! while youre at it, please also leave this earth! :)

    B L A C K
    14 days ago


    DJ Rehab
    14 days ago

    hes right

    Imagination Deprivation
    14 days ago


    14 days ago

    theres a difference between telling someone to die of cancer and simply calling them a cancerous user and i did the second one and its internet humor, kid.

    14 days ago

    Fair enough. Sorry for getting involved :/

    Soundation Crew
    14 days ago

    Alright guys. Comments from yesterday which are not relevant to the group's purpose have been deleted. Taunting fellow users in any way is not okay, nor is resorting to profanity or name calling. This is a group for our Complete the Track Challenge and it'd be awesome if we stay on topic.

    18 days ago

    @riva Thanks ;)

    18 days ago

    Yeah I understand.

    18 days ago

    All i want is some new professional sounding instruments in the studio and to see improvement