Created March 02, 2018

Complete the Track Challenge

Complete the Track Challenge – Minimal Tech – Win 1 month of Soundation Premium!
It’s been one year since we launched our monthly Complete the Track Challenge for you to practice music production skills and get an inside perspective how songs are made up of. As we’re ready to bring you a new contest series, we’re happy to announce that this month’s challenge will be the final installment of our Complete The Track series. Make sure you join this one for your chance to be part of our Complete the Track’s hall of fame!
For this final challenge, Our in-house producer I Awake gives you stripped-back sounds of house and minimal. Featuring his signature organic vibe, this 1-minute snippet will take you to a vivid futurist-inspired sonic universe. Expect deep bass lines from our Kit 8 DrumMachine, playful melodic hooks from The Wub Machine and stomping shuffle beats. Something for a secret party under a motorway? This might be it.
Grab the track down below, load the sng file on the studio and take it further. Transform it into one complete track and show us your own take on the song!
We’ll pick one winner – based on quality, creativity and uniqueness. The price is a free 1-month Soundation Premium and an interview feature. The challenge is on until 10 May 2019 (23:00 CET). Take your time and blow us away!
How to enter the challenge:
• Intro/Power/Premium accounts: Download the track with extra remix sounds here.
• Free accounts: Download the track without extra sounds here.
• Complete the track and save it as an .sng file
• Name your track CTT followed by a track name, publish the track and post it in this group. Please follow this rule otherwise your track might be taken down.
• The track has to be made using Soundation
• Each member can submit a maximum of two tracks
• Soundation has the right to refuse any contribution
Please follow our Community Guidelines. Failure to do so will result in ban.
P.S. Don’t forget to check out previous winners on our Facebook!
Updated: 9 April 2019


Keylime Pie
4 days ago


Uh... It's 2019.

5 days ago

finally finished my first song of 2018- happy days going big redemption

11 days ago

guys go listen to my beats

13 days ago


13 days ago

@Outdyzer I love it. I agree.

Soundation Crew
14 days ago

@SpicyPeppercini Don't import the audio! What you need to do is download our project file by clicking "Free accounts: Download the track without extra sounds here." in the group description. You'll get .sng file you can work on by going to "File" and "Load .sng file" from the top menu of your studio.

14 days ago

I can't publish a track with imported audio so how can I "Complete The Track?"

14 days ago

your good

Soundation Crew
15 days ago

@Outzyder Couldn't agree more. In fact, we're planning to do exactly that - having easy exercises for beginners and getting all amazing tracks made by you guys to be part of future challenges, so look out for that!