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Complete the Track Challenge

Created March 2, 2018

Complete the Track Challenge – Trap Noir

For this month, we introduce you our guest in-house producer Fredrik and his first ever contribution to Soundation’s challenge. With Trap Noir as his chosen genre for a gloomy September, expect a stream of warped instruments, atmospheric synth pads, cascading melody loops and much more. Download his track down below, give it a twist or two and elevate it to new heights!

We’ll pick one winner – based on quality, creativity and uniqueness. The price is one year of Soundation Premium, an interview feature, and a feedback session with Fredrik.

The challenge is on until 29 September 2018 23:00 CET. Take your time and blow us away!

How to enter the challenge:

  • Intro/Power/Premium accounts: Download the track with extra remix sounds here.

  • Free accounts: Download the track without extra sounds here.

  • Complete the track and save it as a sng-file

  • Send the sng-file to ctt@soundation.com

  • Name your track CTT followed by a track name, publish the track and post it in this group

  • Terms:

  • The track has to be made using Soundation

  • Each member can submit a maximum of two tracks

  • Soundation has the right to refuse any contribution

  • Please follow our Community Guidelines. Failure to do so will result in ban.
  • P.S. Don’t forget to check out previous winners on our Facebook!

    Updated: 5 September 2018


    1 day ago

    Mine is Superior.

    1 day ago

    All of your tracks are good but...

    2 days ago

    whelp i have lost

    5 days ago

    Hangouts doesn't work because (a) Google pulled all hangout apps from the shelves, and (b) the hangouts version of Soundation was flash. So it's a tad more complicated than just reopening the app

    Soundation Crew
    5 days ago

    @PullMyLever, Shards Our hangout is disabled as we're trying to find a better alternative. But thanks for bringing this up, we hear you!

    5 days ago

    I swear if @HONESTandBLUNT doesn't win I'm done

    6 days ago

    @PullMyLever there used to be soundation hangouts, which let u collab on one project at the same time, but they took it down for some reason. Here's their old website (still doesnt work) https://soundation.com/hangout

    7 days ago

    I probably had some other points but I forgot them, I think I got the important ones.

    7 days ago

    2: Better music in general. In my eyes, everyone is specialized in a certain category of music, even if you are good at all of it. When people come together they can put together their skills and create awesome songs. This is a bonus not only for the creators but the Soundation team too. I know you guys like hearing good music after all. 3. This would make collaboration WAY easier than sending files to your partner and working across two, three, or however many screens. Just being able to edit on the spot makes production quicker (I used Soundtrap, I know)

    7 days ago

    If an admin ever sees this maybe take it into consideration, I think it would really pull together the Soundation community. PS I have no idea if this is a good place to put this all I know is that admins hang around competitions. I think it would be cool if Soundation featured a collaboration option (I'm somewhat new maybe there is an option). A few things could come out of this. 1: Collaborative competitions where creators work together to make a song from scratch or finish a track. Of course, you could put a limit on the number of creators on a track. (I RAN OUT OF SPACE HOLD ON!)