Created March 02, 2018

Complete the Track Challenge

Complete the Track Challenge – Daytime Session – Win 1 month of Soundation Premium!
This month, our Complete the Track challenge gives you a slice of sunshine with upbeat tempos and uplifting tunes. Inspired by the vibes of open-air daytime sessions, Our in-house producer I Awake paints a vibrant palette of melodies with a 1-minute snippet for you to go crazy with. Expect driving pulses from the Wub Machine, compressed vocal chops with a tinge of nostalgia, bouncy drum pads, and many more.
Grab the track down below, load the sng file on the studio and take it further. Whether you want to reimagine it with a more vibrant and colorful mix, or evolve it into strong and intense rhythms, it’s your call. Transform it into one complete track and show us your own take on the song!
We’ll pick one winner – based on quality, creativity and uniqueness. The price is a free 1-month Soundation Premium and an interview feature. The challenge is on until 31 March (23:00 CET). Take your time and blow us away!
How to enter the challenge:
• Intro/Power/Premium accounts: Download the track with extra remix sounds here.
• Free accounts: Download the track without extra sounds here.
• Complete the track and save it as an .sng file
• Name your track CTT followed by a track name, publish the track and post it in this group. Please follow this rule otherwise your track might be taken down.
• The track has to be made using Soundation
• Each member can submit a maximum of two tracks
• Soundation has the right to refuse any contribution
Please follow our Community Guidelines. Failure to do so will result in ban.
P.S. Don’t forget to check out previous winners on our Facebook!
Updated: 6 March 2019


11 days ago

@jos its not a pack, its an .sng file. you just drag that into the studio

12 days ago

Kal, I downloaded the pack but it wouldn't unzip it so I manually changed it to a zip file and unzipped it but it sounds so different... Why?

Keylime Pie
12 days ago

...should be a button that says "Post a track", click it, and then at least click the "Search your tracks" search bar. hit enter to display a list of your tracks, but you can narrow the list by including search terms in the search bar (If you happen to have a lot of published tracks to search through). Then click the post button next to the track you wish to post.

Keylime Pie
12 days ago

@Dank Swoge

With your song open in the studio, you can either...
...go to file, then towards the bottom of the drop down is to option to publish. the bottom right under the sound library, the button that's like an arrow is also to publish.
...or control P for the keyboard shortcut to publish.
Then you can edit track info if you want, but be sure that the track is set to visible. Once published, you can then come to this group to add the track to it. Firstly, you must be joined in the group, then, on the right side, below members and above the published tracks, there...

Dank Swoge
12 days ago

I think i'm pretty much done with the track how exactly do I publish it? I have the free version btw.

Keylime Pie
12 days ago

The length of the track doesn't matter.

@Dank Swoge
You're allowed to change up the beginning if you so desire.

Dank Swoge
12 days ago

Can I remix it and change some of the beginning or do I have to keep the beginning?

12 days ago

How long does the track have to be for this challenge?

Soundation Crew
12 days ago

@owen-jones1182 Did you get any error message?