Created March 2, 2018

Complete the Track Challenge

Complete the Track Challenge – Old School Electro

For this month, our Complete the Track challenge is a flashback to yesteryears. Containing bright bouncy beats, ominous chord progressions and retro synth layers, a snippet created by our in-house producer I Awake has all the essential ingredients for you to concoct your own mix. Grab the file down below, upload it on your studio and scramble things up to your heart’s desire, you know the drill. Remake it into fun disco tunes true to its retro spirits or take some elements and turn it into club beats – let your imagination runs wild! Transform it into one complete track and show us your own take on the song!

We’ll pick one winner – based on quality, creativity and uniqueness. The price is free 6-month Soundation Premium and an interview feature.

The challenge is on until 30 December (23:00 CET). Take your time and blow us away!

How to enter the challenge:

  • Intro/Power/Premium accounts: Download the track with extra remix sounds here.

  • Free accounts: Download the track without extra sounds here.

  • Complete the track and save it as an sng file

  • Send the sng file to ctt@soundation.com

  • Name your track CTT followed by a track name, publish the track and post it in this group. Please follow this rule otherwise your track might be taken down.

  • Terms:

  • The track has to be made using Soundation

  • Each member can submit a maximum of two tracks

  • Soundation has the right to refuse any contribution

  • Please follow our Community Guidelines. Failure to do so will result in ban.
  • P.S. Don’t forget to check out previous winners on our Facebook!

    Updated: 5 December 2018


    Keylime Pie
    5 days ago

    @evie-boye7050 Can you specify what you mean or narrow the scope of your question? Is it about making a song, publishing a song, participating in this song challenge, or something else?

    5 days ago

    how do i create a track guys please you know how girls are?

    Five Horsemen
    5 days ago

    how you like robo rock?

    Keylime Pie
    5 days ago

    Why are there notes way up in the 8th octave?

    Keylime Pie
    5 days ago

    Well I see it already. It's Old School Electro

    6 days ago

    Nah the next one is going to be called "tropical madness" :p

    6 days ago

    iz da next wan gunna beh wintir?

    6 days ago

    ... The song kinda sounds cluttered at the end. but it's still really good.

    6 days ago

    Bravo a toi razzmatazz!!!