Created April 14, 2012


Brief Overview:

KOTB is a group dedicated to the rap and hip hop genres. Of course, you can post any genre of music you would like to KOTB, but the specific genres rap and hip hop (or trap, trapstep, etc.) are recommended. Also, those genres are more likely to be featured. On to a new subject.. The meaning of the acronym KOTB is “Kings Of The Bass”, inevitably with the word ‘bass’ meaning an 808 kick, not the instrument. Both beginners and experts are welcome.

Attention New Members!:

Welcome to KOTB. You may post as much tracks as you want to this group. I also encourage you to listen to the featured tracks. Thanks for joining!

Information About the Featured Songs:

I change the featured songs whenever I can. I feature songs that I feel deserve popularity. The featured songs can be any genre. Also, you may ask to have one of your songs featured (Keep in mind I have the right to decline your request for any reason).

Any Questions, Comments, or Concerns? Just ask me, JR, admin of KOTB. Send me a PM with what you need to know.


about 6 years ago

This will forever be the darkest track i've ever created.

about 6 years ago

Back at it with a megamix in the works. Advice and feedback is greatly appreciated.

about 6 years ago

Its trap for real, Its like an delicious meal ;)

about 6 years ago

The second track I've published on soundation. Tell me what you guys think.

about 6 years ago

Check out my group [Hip hop, Trap Trapstep]

about 6 years ago

hey look at this song its me and oozie callab

about 6 years ago

This is will be my very last promo for Escaping Darkness