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Created November 23, 2015


Post your Trap, hip hop, or any song with a good beat.

Don’t forget to vote and INVITE others.


8 months ago


12 months ago

New Instrumental Hiphop remix of HYPE's track Rivers

almost 3 years ago

Can my song bling be featured pls because its good

Papi Pasta Beatz
almost 3 years ago

Dang it, i would post a track but it says any sound with a GOOD beat, good being the key word, i dont have any songs with a good beat, guess I'll leave

about 4 years ago

hey, followme please and listen my songs

over 5 years ago

The World Is Now Ours IS FINALLY OUT! :D You can get it here!…/the-world-is-now-ou…/id1157077931

Josh Riker
over 5 years ago

Hey guys! Check this trap song out:

over 5 years ago

Check out our group called Dead DJs or like and a possible featured track. -Dead DJs Administrator-

over 5 years ago

Follow me on soundcloud @trapboynation, I will update mg profile on SoundCloud soon XD

Ghost (Absent)
almost 6 years ago

Hey guys! check out my songs! i would love it and please like and leave a comment thank you!