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123 Avatar
over 4 years ago

well alrighty then...

VP-R Avatar
almost 7 years ago

Man, this is some interesting shit here. I mean I actually feel like this from time to time, and I don't let it overshadow me and take it whole, but I kind of think of writing songs or even just little diddies about anything that occurs in my life. You're a sort of inspiration boost for me. And I read one of the comments below that said that you don't really feel that way anymore, but I think that feeling comes to haunt you from time to time regardless of what you do to prevent it. But heh, anyways, I didn't really think that there were guys on Soundation that made this lit Hip Hop/Trap. Neat!

MusiK revolution Avatar
MusiK revolution
almost 8 years ago

booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo -_-

almost 8 years ago

@Echostorm I'm beyond happy you appreciate my art and see my potential. Believe or not I along with many other talented soundation users are in the process of starting our very own record label. https://www.facebook.com/The-Music-Geek-Collective-387640811433770/?fref=ts

Ekhostorm Avatar
almost 8 years ago

Saul, I love your beats and deep meanings. These tacks really have meaning to them and actually kept me listening for a good amount of time. Keep making tracks, maybe send them to labels, and hope for the best. I sense some greatness in your future!

SoulessAroun' Avatar
almost 8 years ago

Got no chill XD

XJM Avatar
almost 8 years ago

Powerful tho... You got this tho. Have so many good people in your corner. Just gota keep going.

almost 8 years ago

Overdoze this is a song from 4 years ago so don't worry my friend I am good now <3

overdoze Avatar
almost 8 years ago

Man, I am speakless. I can't imagine what you have felt and I am sorry for everything that happened, you are a wonderful guy and hopefully, you are with us today to share this wonderful and powerful track. (sorry, my english's crap xD) I hope everything's ok

almost 8 years ago

@Shockwave, Cyclosa is right I really hope most people can't relate to this because it's a very sad and lonely state of mind.