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Audial Avatar
over 3 years ago

Nice dude!

Cecil G. Avatar
Cecil G.
over 3 years ago

but it really good otherwise

Cecil G. Avatar
Cecil G.
over 3 years ago

it good but the voice is kinda dim or maybe that's just my volume

theoftus Avatar
over 3 years ago

my remix is bad compared to this

Dot Wave Avatar
Dot Wave
Soundation Crew
over 3 years ago

Dnb is great in this case! ;) The arrangement is on point all the way through. I think this can be improved the most in mixing. The tonal balance is heavy on the sub-bass and treble — The mids are getting neglected. The mids are important for hearing the bass and for thickness/fullness. I would suggest you revisit your EQ’ing to make it perfect.

Mr music nub Avatar
Mr music nub
over 3 years ago

ngl this is my fav out of all of them

Eden Pigeon ♪ Avatar
Eden Pigeon ♪
over 3 years ago

dnb is ok, sometimes