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Dra Machi Avatar
Dra Machi
over 8 years ago

It sounds great! I do remember hearing this once before, though. Doesn't sound bad in any way at all~

Zackman Avatar
over 8 years ago

I agree with Bass4rog and I think you should put risers and more drum combonations

Moonlight Knight Avatar
Moonlight Knight
over 8 years ago

It needs more percussion to keep the beat interesting. Also some of the discorded notes maybe shouldn't be there >.< The part at 35-37ish either add more there or make the build up more intense :)

M-possible Avatar
over 8 years ago

This is very cool, but It could use more sounds to keep it even more interesting.

KryptiK BeatZ Avatar
KryptiK BeatZ
over 8 years ago

Classic! And maybe add a bigger variety of instruments

anthony balacco Avatar
anthony balacco
over 8 years ago

I agree with Bass4rog

skyDROP Avatar
over 8 years ago

Yeah i agree, i might come out with another one revamped

over 8 years ago

Bass4rog is right, it is kind of empty, but other than that, it's good

LIL-R Avatar
over 8 years ago

nice, five stars

The King 36 Avatar
The King 36
over 8 years ago

lol. i never thought i would see this. not bad. I think it is done quit well. I actually kinda enjoyed this. left a like. Keep doing great buddy.