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k̷y̷t̷e̷x̷m̷u̷s̷i̷c̷ Avatar

This track is sooo nostalgic! I adore synthwave/vaporwave, as it reminds me where and when electronic music was born. Track brought me straight back to the 80's. Excellent work my friend. <3

McK.E.Y. Avatar
over 5 years ago

The arps are amazing, the pad's shweet, I loved the baseline at 3:00 onwards before then it just sounded kinda compressed, the lead kinda sounds a bit funky, try add some more reverb and filter and if it still sounds weird go to the va synth and choose synth strings 1 for ur lead. All in all this is an amazing song, I can feel the whole dreamy synthwave aesthetic

StarSplitter Avatar
over 5 years ago

very nice

ChordsBoy Avatar
over 5 years ago

I love this. It's so amazing in pretty much every way :O