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Clever Whiz  Avatar
Clever Whiz
over 7 years ago

Love the drop! Shall check this out a little more if I have time!

Itani Mulli Avatar
Itani Mulli
about 8 years ago

Sorry guys. Won't be on for a while. SCHOOL. DANGIT.

Sean Foxx Avatar
Sean Foxx
over 8 years ago

This is pretty sick. I love the sound effects in the background. The basses are sick too, they just sound a little muddy. Great job! Looking forward to future releases from you!

BaconBurger Avatar
over 8 years ago

Nice basses!

Kracked Ekho / illRipper Avatar
Kracked Ekho / illRipper
over 8 years ago

The next ke in the making right here! Keep it up man I approve. This reminds me of mysleft when I started out.

Itani Mulli Avatar
Itani Mulli
over 8 years ago

I think ill make a song called "end this" based on the beats at the end of the song, near 2:30.