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Coursera-Intro to Dig Snd Design-Feb.2013 Group Profile Picture
Created February 10, 2013

Coursera-Intro to Dig Snd Design-Feb.2013

This group is for anyone registered in the Coursera course “Introduction to Digital Sound Design” from Jan-Feb, 2013. Participants will post one-minute compositions for listening and voting. Parameters and rules for the composition will be posted on the Coursera.org site on Monday, Feb. 18, 2013.


The Glacial Drift . com Avatar
The Glacial Drift . com
almost 10 years ago

WOW! Thanx everybody for voting for my track...(Xavier Reyes-Ochoa - A Voyage to Saturn) "I'm creating an improved 5 minute version of it and will be uploaded this friday on my site: theglacialdrift.com" - Keep voting and listening to everybody's creation...there are some great experiments around here! Cheers!

Ben Taggart Avatar
Ben Taggart
almost 10 years ago

How do I change the icon for my track? I just posted it, but I can't see how to change the icon. Do I need to change it before publishing?

BurningGiraffes Avatar
almost 10 years ago

Just posted my track...made a bit of a cock-up and it's actually nearer two minutes than one - I foolishly thought the 'bar' counter at the top was seconds. But please have a listen anyway! Right, let's get voting...

prtky Avatar
almost 10 years ago

hum... franksier you are right it's not heart, sorry, it's vote. You click the link to open in another tab. That tab goes to the beginning but registers your vote. you can still go on the same page listening, and the newest tab, you can delete.

Steve3nto Avatar
almost 10 years ago

I've finally posted my electronic piece "Urban Madness". Check it out!! =) Now I'll spend some time listening to the other compositions and vote the ones I like most. Bye and have fun everyone!

TrumanMusic Avatar
almost 10 years ago

I posted "Time's Up" a few minutes ago; it was fun to do. I like the way Soundation handles multiple tracks that combine audio and midi. T.

Back to Akert Avatar
Back to Akert
almost 10 years ago

Warning: Sound recordings damaged - 27541.5785 (hours) of data lost... Last backup is... 60 (seconds)... Uploading... Press any key to continue...

H3O Avatar
almost 10 years ago

Finally the processing is done and my track ¨Funkadoodle" is posted. If publishing of your track is stuck in processing, do not worry. Just give it a few hours, half a day or more and then check again.

franksier Avatar
almost 10 years ago

Hi David K and prtky: I seem to be getting differnt things happening: right-click on VOTE > new tab, just takes me to the front page, and does not actually vote; right-click on the heart does not give me a new tab option. (Maybe it depends on which browser and OS on is using.) Also, prtky, I am not sure if you are saying you are using heart/like to vote with - I think they are different things. (I must take a break from this now - forgive me if I do not respond further, or soon.)

PFranzini Avatar
almost 10 years ago

Just posted an experimental atmospheric piece. Had some strange issues while making the piece that were mostly cured by logging; and happy to report that the publishing went quickly and easily. Cheers