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Coursera-Intro to Dig Snd Design-Feb.2013 Group Profile Picture
Created February 10, 2013

Coursera-Intro to Dig Snd Design-Feb.2013

This group is for anyone registered in the Coursera course “Introduction to Digital Sound Design” from Jan-Feb, 2013. Participants will post one-minute compositions for listening and voting. Parameters and rules for the composition will be posted on the Coursera.org site on Monday, Feb. 18, 2013.


Gripe Avatar
over 9 years ago

I believe you have to publish it first before it can be available to post.

David K Avatar
David K
over 9 years ago

I have a stupid question. Is publishing a track in Studio the same as posting a track in Groups? If not, what exactly does publishing do? BTW, I couldn't post my track either.

Jorge van der Linden Avatar
Jorge van der Linden
over 9 years ago

I just can't post it. That's the message I've got "Add track to Coursera-Intro to Dig..." and nothing happens!

ERCS Avatar
over 9 years ago

@OLi GreEtY , your song is great for video game ambience!! really nice!

H3O Avatar
over 9 years ago

Been trying to publish my track since yesterday evening (Bangkok time). First I just got Error messages, but a few hours later I got it at least processing. However 8h later it was still not done, so I ended up deleting it and starting afresh, after making a couple slight changes to the track. Let's see how that will go now...

Irfon-Kim Ahmad Avatar
Irfon-Kim Ahmad
over 9 years ago

Yeah, they seem a little overloaded. :) It's taking forever to process tracks.

vadymmykh Avatar
over 9 years ago

@15Lambs Your track is the best here! Seriously! I liked it A LOT!

vadymmykh Avatar
over 9 years ago

It's strange... I made a track an hour ago and it still "processing"? WTF? Well, I'd like to share some opinions about this site. At first, it was very funny to work here. I'm REAPER user, so it was not comfortable at all using mouse for rewind every time. But for another hand here is lot of samples of different genres. I decided to make dubstep and classical genre from the beginning. By the way, this is my first dubstep ever. I spent about 3 hours to made it but I think that was worth it! Totally! Vote if you like it.

tenali Avatar
over 9 years ago

@Harald Grond I'm having the same issue...

Harald Grond Avatar
Harald Grond
over 9 years ago

More than an hour and still nothing. I think the Soundation developers fell a little off of their server's capability.