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Coursera-Intro to Dig Snd Design-Feb.2013 Group Profile Picture
Created February 10, 2013

Coursera-Intro to Dig Snd Design-Feb.2013

This group is for anyone registered in the Coursera course “Introduction to Digital Sound Design” from Jan-Feb, 2013. Participants will post one-minute compositions for listening and voting. Parameters and rules for the composition will be posted on the Coursera.org site on Monday, Feb. 18, 2013.


Harald Grond Avatar
Harald Grond
over 9 years ago

How long does it take for the track to be processed? I uploaded mine before 35 min. and it's still processing...

15Lambs Avatar
over 9 years ago

Hi to all students, just posted my lil' soundation demo... Got lazy on the timing, it's actually 50secs... Check it out! Bless 15Lambs

Bud Burroughs Avatar
Bud Burroughs
over 9 years ago

Just added my track called "Sound Happens in the Brain" featuring the voice of Steve Everett! New tracks get put at the end of the list, so please scroll to the bitter end and check it out. I've just started going through the tracks, and there's some really interesting stuff being posted.

prtky Avatar
over 9 years ago

hey again! Posted a new one called "Loaded, indeed." I've seen all tracks, good job everybody! You are inspiring me. Some cool stuff i've been voting on.

shragab Avatar
over 9 years ago

Hi guys, Just publish my tracks. It's pretty experimental, called "The Urban Jungle". Please check it out.

prtky Avatar
over 9 years ago

HI! so excited, this was so easy and cool to explore. hope you like my song, it's wierd. It's called "Memories talking to themselves".

OLi GreEtY Avatar
OLi GreEtY
over 9 years ago

Hi Everyone ! Just posted the audio snippet >> FUNKY REASONS by Oli GreEtY Enjoy the Fullness

SMaj Avatar
over 9 years ago

Am not a composer. But I tried to use the techniques of mixing and mastering in my track to make it sound good.. :)

Hugh Peters Avatar
Hugh Peters
over 9 years ago

This was really fun. I enjoyed listening to everyone's creations... well, I'm about halfway through, but I am sure I will enjoy the rest... My piece, "Clear", is finally posted. It's my first track ever... I hope it didn't show too much. : ) Be sure to vote for it... Just look for the... erm... gorilla. Loved the course and met some cool folks in the process. Take care everyone!

hazydave Avatar
over 9 years ago

I agree with what Xavier said... check these out in reverse order. Or all of them, as I just have. The interface is a bit lacking... it should build the list most to least recent, to vary the exposure. And not reset you to the main page after a vote. Maybe less of an issue for those of you not on slow satellite internet (complain, complain, complain). Anyway, I plan to listen to every one, given time, and vote for those I think are best.