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Keylime Pie
4 days ago


I actually have 3 albums currently in progress, and am trying to stop myself from starting a 4th until I get the other 3 done. I just keep getting sidetracked with soundation challenges and such. Some of my WIP Snippets I published are tracks for my albums. When I get album 1 done, I also hope to expand to other platforms by then (YouTube, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, etc.).

*Master of the Azurite Vortex. You were pretty close though. :) (Technically just 3 letters off) Glad you like the art for that one too, was one of the more difficult ones to piece together.

5 days ago

Keylime Pie, you ever think of making an Album, like Voxel? Master Of The Azurite Portal (or whatever it was lmao) could be a good album picture.

Keylime Pie
6 days ago


Yea, I'd have to agree it isn't really the best fitting. Heck, I was even hesitant with strengthening the drums, even at 2:36, and I feel that 4:29-5:05 is kinda what pushes out of being fitting for the intention of the song.

7 days ago

2:36 is approximately 100% yes.

And I did hear the whole thing. Personally, I think the sounds at the timestamps Vizil pointed out are a bit unfitting to the rest of the song, but if the sound design were more refined, I would like it (Not sure how to elaborate on "refined", but regardless it's pretty impossible on Soundation lol)

Keylime Pie
9 days ago

Working on that part, I had to mute a lot of things to reduce the lag. It was a predicament, because I didn't exactly want the song to be feel more energetic, rather I wanted it to become more lively, if you get what I mean. Also I think I might need help in understanding what is meant when one says a part feels slow, even though it is in time and consistent with the tempo.

Keylime Pie
9 days ago


Well, I gathered geese and frog recordings, so I was trying to get a calm pondside feel, starting in the daytime with geese, then with the passage of time, transitioning into the night when the frogs come out.

The song is not supposed to be drum heavy. I'm even uncertain if 4:29 is too rigorous for the idea of this song, but with how the build went prior, I felt there needed to be more than dropping back to something like 2:36.

Speaking of 4:29-5:05, that was the most grueling part to make. More than 1/3 of the channels in the song are only relevant in that segment.

Keylime Pie
9 days ago


Thanks. I live in Pennsylvania, recorded some geese and frogs by the pond outside my house.

@Burnie Beats

Thank you all.

9 days ago

hmmm i feel like its really trying to have a story to its like a tale but it almost fails, its on the edge. The percussion is very good but the kick is very weak to me and isn't that on point. i can tell you spent many hours on this so i am always keeping that in mind. but i feel like 4:29-5:05 is slow also could be more darker in my opinion overall a cool 8/10

Burnie Beats
9 days ago

this is crazy man you can tell you put time into making this perfect, props to you!

9 days ago

this is amazing i am speechles dis is awesome