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Created November 04, 2018

#House & Techno

Share Your Sounds #House & Techno

For producers who crave the raw edgy sounds of House and Techno, this is it. Think of this group as your virtual underground club where you can drop as many heavy-hitting dance-floor dynamites as you want. A joint for anything from Acid/Electro/Tech/Future/Minimal/Tropical/Deep/Progressive House to EDM, this space is also open for Hardstyle, Complextro, Trance, Big Room, the list goes on.

Every week, one track that stands out the most among all “Share Your Sounds” groups will get featured on Soundation’s tracks page and posted on our social media.

Keep dropping tracks. We look forward to hearing your music!

Terms: Your tracks have to be made using Soundation. Please follow our Community Guidelines. Failure to do so will result in a ban.


Rob The Beat
16 days ago

A song that sounds like neon pink and black light. https://soundation.com/user/robthebeat/track/neon-chase

Rob The Beat
17 days ago

New song! This time something more upbeat: https://soundation.com/user/robthebeat/track/sneak-attack-1

nukt (alive)
18 days ago

I am back in the community, just posted my latest track since I've returned. My music making skills are a bit rusty tho, could use some feedback... https://soundation.com/user/soundstep-beatz/track/finally-less-clipping

22 days ago

https://soundation.com/user/billy-valentin/track/skizo Hello can you help me with idea to complete this track? Thanks. i m noob musician.


im going to get demonitized for this but whatever https://soundation.com/t/ds1n4

Dj $indacious
29 days ago

Check my new song out!! couldn't really tell what genre to put it as but think this may be it! https://soundation.com/user/sidg0003/track/dj-indacious-haha-i-don-t-know

about 2 months ago

Please start follow my account for more gizmo tracks:) greetz gizmo

about 2 months ago

This project is about 3 years old, but I figured I should finally post it for the sake of my collaborative partner, BaconBurger. I hope you all enjoy this track! https://soundation.com/user/sonaris/track/crescendo-nkm-tartarus