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Moshie ♪
about 1 month ago

This is very nice :)

about 1 month ago


Eden Pigeon ♪
about 1 month ago

ok this is a really cool concept and i love where its heading, but first, theres too much low end on that bass. Arp sounds weird with that LPF. Drums are a bit basic. The track is vert repetitive until that lead at 0:51, which is epic btw. The rest between the riser and drop is too long. The drop is a sick concept but the saws are too loud and the rides are too loud. Overall the concept is great but it needs quite a bit of touching up

excuse for a musician
about 1 month ago

wdym aephyr lmao this is great

about 1 month ago

this is ok ig

Love the song! and the elephant turtle.