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XWolf EDM  Avatar
almost 6 years ago

this is a really great song. all you need to do is swich the kit.

Astro Ash Avatar
Astro Ash
almost 6 years ago

I know this is just a preview of what is to come im going to be spending a while on this piece and I may even go world wide with it. Thats only if my manager thinks its god enough though XD and trillian ill be crediting you for the help you've given me.

. Avatar
almost 6 years ago

00:31 I would suggest layering the kick underneath the snare to give it some more punch, as well as continuing out that arp as kind of a loop because it sounds kind of cutoff. I think this has a load of potential, good luck!

NightMareSND Avatar
almost 6 years ago

Good gob dude

Beat Box Avatar
Beat Box
almost 6 years ago

nice, even for a preveiw